Frequently Asked Questions

My dog just won’t eat the dog food I’ve been buying for him. What can I feed him?

If your dog’s weight is about right but he just doesn’t like the food, try Black Gold. This dog food is very palatable to the majority of dogs. Choose a blend that is consistent with your dog’s age and activity level.

My dog seems to have diarrhea a lot. I’ve changed feed several times trying to eliminate the problem and can’t seem to fix it. What should I do?

First, a lot of changes in a dog’s food will give many dogs diarrhea. Try mixing the old food with the new over the course of ten days to a week before feeding just the new food. Some dogs will have diarrhea from eating too much food, or getting too much protein in their food. Try feeding less food or break up the amount you are feeding into several meals at set times. If your dog seems to have the problem no matter what you feed, try Black Gold Lamb Meal & Rice. This feed is great for dogs with a sensitive stomach or digestive system as well as those with food allergies.

My dog vomits or has diarrhea sometimes but is not sick. What’s happening?

This usually indicates that there is a build-up of waste matter in the dog’s system. The vomiting or diarrhoea is a way of discharging this waste thus helping to cleanse the system for a time. There is probably some sub-clinical disease present. This pattern of behaviour is usually associated with feeding low-quality pet food and a change to a decent feeding regime will usually solve the problem. Many owners find that the dog (or cat) habitually vomits in the mornings. The owner may be advised to feed frequently. This is often successful in stopping the vomiting but it is not good practice because this is only keeping the lid on the problem, not curing it.

My dog always seems to be hungry? How come?

Some dogs seem to be always hungry and to want to eat non-stop. This occurs even when it is clear that the dog does not need more food. Many humans are similar in this respect. Sometimes there is no solution to this problem of feeling guilty that the dog is being deprived. Very often, the desire for food is conditioned. That is, the dog has learned from past experience that if the owner is eating then the dog will be given food. The best way of dealing with this is the same as for the fussy dog – by providing diversion and stimulation in the form of a walk or play. The more you give food on demand, the more the dog will expect it.

I hate all this pooper-scooper duty! Is there a feed better than what I buy at the discount store to help reduce the quantity of waste?

Yes, not only will all the Black Gold blends require less food being fed to your dog, but there is not the filler in Black Gold that lesser quality feeds contain. The dog’s coat will show improvement in a couple of weeks, and your pooper-scooper duty should be cut down dramatically. And your dog will love the taste of Black Gold!

The vet says my dog needs a better food because I can’t seem to keep weight on him. What should I try?

If you are working your dog a lot, try a bag of the Blue which is our High Energy blend. This feed seems to help dogs that need a higher level of fat in their diets to maintain weight in stressful situations like traveling or show competition. You could also give the Performance Blend in the black bag a try if you are feeding less than 26% protein and 18% fat. It’s a great all-around food for very active dogs.

Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

Grass-eating is an intuitive action by the dog or cat that wants to vomit as a means of discharging toxins from the system.

Which is better – moist food or dry?

How the food is presented is of minor importance compared to what the ingredients are or their proportions. Moist foods tend to be tastier than dry but that is mainly because moist foods tend to be higher in protein and fat. Dry food is more convenient and usually more economical. When comparing the analysis of moist and dry foods it is necessary to allow for the difference in moisture content. A moist food with a declared 10% protein and 80% moisture has 10 gr. of protein in 20 gr. of dry matter, i.e., 50% protein on a dry matter basis. A dry food with a declared 20% protein and 10% moisture has 20 gr. of protein in 90 gr. of dry matter, i.e., 22.2% protein on a dry matter basis. The moist food, although appearing to have a twice as much protein, actually has half as much protein on a dry-matter basis.

I hate driving a long way to buy dog and cat food, so why should I buy this feed when it also costs more per bag?

Black Gold is formulated to specifically maintain your dog’s health, coat, and conditioning. It will also help reduce the quantity of stools. The cost is very reasonable for a premium dog food, and compared to the amount of food you are currently feeding on a price-per-pound basis, you will probably find it more than reasonable if not less expensive. You will only feed approximately half the amount because Black Gold does not have fillers in it and the dog’s body will utilize the majority of what he or she eats. And your dog will eat it without a fuss because Black Gold tastes good.

Why should I change food if my dog is fine on what it’s eating now?

Health problems are more likely to occur with a low-quality food and they often develop gradually and before you notice outward signs. For example, the liver and the kidneys may lose as much as 75% of their function before signs of disease appear.

How much food does my dog need?

It is much easier and much more common to overfeed rather than underfeed. Recommended feeding amounts are only a very rough guide and as such should only be used as a starting point. Two similar dogs may require very different amounts and this will only become apparent with experience. Also the amount will probably vary from summer to winter. The dog will probably need more food in winter in order to generate body heat. The amount of food your dog needs and how much he wants are not necessarily the same things. Remember you can undo the value of good quality food by overfeeding.

Can I give chocolate to my dog (cat, bird, other pet)?

No. The theobromine in chocolate that stimulates the cardiac and nervous systems is too much for dogs, especially smaller pups. A chocolate bar is poisonous to dogs and can even be lethal. The same holds true for cats and other household pets.

Black Gold Is Designed for All Breeds and Sizes

What Customers Have to Say about Black  Gold Pet Food

Don't Want to Have to Feed Any Other Dog Food

“I’m breeding labs and don’t want to have to feed any other dog food. Black Gold has proven to be excellent for my dogs and a real asset to the dogs’ condition and coats. I believe it helps me sell puppies.”

Veterinarian Breeding Beagles and Loves Black Gold

“I am a veterinarian who owns a small dog-breeding kennel devoted to the beagle breed here in western Montana. I was looking for a top quality, reasonably priced dog food to feed to all my dogs, in particular for my breeding bitches as well as their puppies. Well, I found that in Black Gold’s Premium Performance Blend (25-18) Dog Food. It proved to be extremely palatable (my dogs love it) and highly digestible, resulting in less food fed and low stool volume. My dogs are happier and healthier, have beautiful shiny coats, keep up performance level activity, and, best of all, my bitches maintain optimal weight throughout gestation and lactation.

” Furthermore, the small kibble from the “black bags,” coupled with its 100% complete and balanced nutrition made from top-grade ingredients, has proved to be the perfect food for weaning our pups onto. They do absolutely great on it, and I recommend it to all of our customers. Moreover, this food is made right here in the good ol’ USA, and we get great service from our Montana Black Gold distributors, Mable and Roland Deane, and their dealers throughout the state. Thank you, Black Gold, and thank you, Deanes, for such a great product at an affordable price.” –Dr. Doug Dierking, D.V.M., Beagles West Diamond D Kennels, Missoula, Montana–Dr. Doug Dierking, D.V.M., Beagles West Diamond D Kennels, Missoula, Montana

Has Seen Tremendous Change in His Dogs

“Hi. May I start by saying that I really like your dog food. I have seen a tremendous change in my dogs’ level of activity and the quality of their coats. They seem to just gleam. I have seen less waste and I use less dog food. That’s a plus for me. Even in my pups I have seen a great change in their level of playfulness and energy. Thanks!” Shane Ervin, Southern Man’s Kennel

Chose the Right Dog Food

“Hello. I just wanted to drop you people a line and thank you for doing such a good job producing a top-quality dog food. With all that has gone on with another dog food, it sure makes me feel confident that I have chosen the right dog food for my dogs. I am very fussy about the dog food I feed and Black Gold is the one I count on everyday. Thanks for a job well done.” Lloyd Frisbie

Satisfaction for Our Dogs

“We love what you do for us – manufacturing blends that go above and beyond when it comes to satisfying our dogs, Bubba and Zoey, and all your customers! Thanks!” Mark and Correen Klouda

Rottweilers More Active Now

“Hi. My name is Jim. I just want to commend you on your dog food. And I want to say thanks for having Black Gold on the market. I have been feeding it to my Rottweilers now for about two years. I start off feeding each litter with your dog food. Before, I was feeding them the other so-called top brands. And for the price and size of the bag, Black Gold is a bargain. My Rotts are more active now along with being healthier. Just thanks again for your dog food.”
“I have 3 beagles that love your product. Every now and then, I have tried other dog food, but, every time, I come back to your feed because I can tell such a big difference in the look of my dogs. Their coats are much shinier and softer and they just look healthier overall. I will only feed Black Gold from now on.” Kim Flood-Hurley, MO

Only Feeds Black Gold to Standard Poodles

“My name is Jan, and I raise Standard Poodles which I feed only Black Gold. I am very pleased with your dog and puppy food. I recommend that all of my buyers purchase a bag of your puppy formula for their new puppy. I have tried many dog food formulas and brands in the past and now that I have found and been using Black Gold (in the black bag for my adult poodles), I will continue to use and recommend your product for many years to come. Thank you for such a great dog food.”

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