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Click Here for information about Black Gold's Original Performance (Black)

Click Here for information about Black Gold's Original Performance (Black)

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What Customers Have to Say About Black  Gold

Don't Want to Have to Feed Any Other Dog Food





“I’m breeding labs and don’t want to have to feed any other dog food. Black Gold has proven to be excellent for my dogs and a real asset to the dogs’ condition and coats. I believe it helps me sell puppies.”

Veterinarian Breeding Beagles and Loves Black Gold

“I am a veterinarian who owns a small dog-breeding kennel devoted to the beagle breed here in western Montana. I was looking for a top quality, reasonably priced dog food to feed to all my dogs, in particular for my breeding bitches as well as their puppies. Well, I found that in Black Gold’s Premium Performance Blend (25-18) Dog Food. It proved to be extremely palatable (my dogs love it) and highly digestible, resulting in less food fed and low stool volume. My dogs are happier and healthier, have beautiful shiny coats, keep up performance level activity, and, best of all, my bitches maintain optimal weight throughout gestation and lactation.

” Furthermore, the small kibble from the “black bags,” coupled with its 100% complete and balanced nutrition made from top-grade ingredients, has proved to be the perfect food for weaning our pups onto. They do absolutely great on it, and I recommend it to all of our customers. Moreover, this food is made right here in the good ol’ USA, and we get great service from our Montana Black Gold distributors, Mable and Roland Deane, and their dealers throughout the state. Thank you, Black Gold, and thank you, Deanes, for such a great product at an affordable price.” –Dr. Doug Dierking, D.V.M., Beagles West Diamond D Kennels, Missoula, Montana–Dr. Doug Dierking, D.V.M., Beagles West Diamond D Kennels, Missoula, Montana


Has Seen Tremendous Change in His Dogs


“Hi. May I start by saying that I really like your dog food. I have seen a tremendous change in my dogs’ level of activity and the quality of their coats. They seem to just gleam. I have seen less waste and I use less dog food. That’s a plus for me. Even in my pups I have seen a great change in their level of playfulness and energy. Thanks!” Shane Ervin, Southern Man’s Kennel

Chose the Right Dog Food

“Hello. I just wanted to drop you people a line and thank you for doing such a good job producing a top-quality dog food. With all that has gone on with another dog food, it sure makes me feel confident that I have chosen the right dog food for my dogs. I am very fussy about the dog food I feed and Black Gold is the one I count on everyday. Thanks for a job well done.” Lloyd Frisbie

Satisfies Our Dogs

“We love what you do for us – manufacturing blends that go above and beyond when it comes to satisfying our dogs, Bubba and Zoey, and all your customers! Thanks!” Mark and Correen Klouda

Rottweilers More Active Now

“Hi. My name is Jim. I just want to commend you on your dog food. And I want to say thanks for having Black Gold on the market. I have been feeding it to my Rottweilers now for about two years. I start off feeding each litter with your dog food. Before, I was feeding them the other so-called top brands. And for the price and size of the bag, Black Gold is a bargain. My Rotts are more active now along with being healthier. Just thanks again for your dog food.”

Only Feeds Black Gold to Standard Poodles


“My name is Jan, and I raise Standard Poodles which I feed only Black Gold. I am very pleased with your dog and puppy food. I recommend that all of my buyers purchase a bag of your puppy formula for their new puppy. I have tried many dog food formulas and brands in the past and now that I have found and been using Black Gold (in the black bag for my adult poodles), I will continue to use and recommend your product for many years to come. Thank you for such a great dog food.”

Plans on Using Black Gold from Now On

“I have just recently purchased Black Gold Trainer’s Blend for my dogs. I am raising basset hounds and dashshunds. They are doing wonderful with it and I am totally pleased! It is also priced right and I love that. Do you by any chance offer puppy packets for me to give to my customers when they purchase a pup? I like to send the pup to his new home with the food I feed them. And I plan on using Black Gold from now on. Thank you so much for a good food at a good price.” Beth Jones

All Ben's Dogs Raised on Black Gold

“First off, I want to thank you for your great feed. All of my dogs have been raised on it since they were 8 weeks old and couldn’t be healthier or happier. Do you sell decals/stickers that I can put on my dog box to give you some free advertising? Thanks!” Ben Bertke

My Dogs Love Black Gold!


“Hi, my name is Todd Palmer I raise rat terriers and just started to feed Black Gold and they love it. Thanks a lot!”


Outstanding Results with Black Gold!


“I was introduced to your product about 2 months ago and started my 6-year-old Lab and 5-year-old Shorthair on it. The results have been outstanding. Not only has my Lab lost his winter fat, his coat has never looked better. He hasn’t looked this fit in a few years. I have been telling my associates that I run my dogs with about this every chance I get. I would like to request a catalog with shirts, hats, and accessories, if available, to show some of the skeptics that I am a firm believer in Black Gold. Keep up the good work.” Dave Henderson

Pit Bull Never Looked Better After Having a Litter!

“I own an American Pit Bull Terrier kennel, Rave Kennels. I started feeding my dogs Black Gold about 3 months ago. One of my females had a litter of puppies 2 days ago. She looks the best I have ever seen a female look after having a litter. Thanks for the great dog food!

Now Feeding Black Gold to Their Pit Bulls, Too

“I have been feeding Black Gold to my redbones for a few years, and we love it. But just recently (9-10 months ago), we have switched to it for our American Pit Bull Terriers. I will never feed them anything else!! We use the Black bag for all stages of their life and they look good, condition easy and don’t blow hot when we hunt hogs!  I’ll be trying the silver bag on a couple dogs that I’m showing this year as the judges want them lean and ripped. We will let you know how that goes. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product!”   Yours truly, William Jones, American Pride Kennels

Beagles Love Black Gold!

“I have 3 beagles that love your product. Every now and then, I have tried other dog food, but, every time, I come back to your feed because I can tell such a big difference in the look of my dogs. Their coats are much shinier and softer and they just look healthier overall. I will only feed Black Gold from now on.” Kim Flood-Hurley

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